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tk_chooseColor - pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color.


tk_chooseColor ?option value ...?


The procedure tk_chooseColor pops up a dialog box for the user to select a color. The following option-value pairs are possible as command line arguments:

-initialcolor color
Specifies the color to display in the color dialog when it pops up. color must be in a form acceptable to the Tk_GetColor function.

-parent window
Makes window the logical parent of the color dialog. The color dialog is displayed on top of its parent window.

-title titleString
Specifies a string to display as the title of the dialog box. If this option is not specified, then a default title will be displayed.

If the user selects a color, tk_chooseColor will return the name of the color in a form acceptable to Tk_GetColor. If the user cancels the operation, both commands will return the empty string.


button .b -fg [tk_chooseColor -initialcolor gray -title "Choose color"]


color selection dialog
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