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The source of theses pages is the excellent Tcl/Tk Quick Reference Guide.
I apologize , because there're some tex commands in the text, if you see some error please send me an email

Binding and Virtual Events

vskip6pt The sequence argument is a list of one or more event patterns. An event pattern may be a single ASCII character, a string of the form ltmodifier-modifier-type-detailgt, or ltltnamegtgt (virtual event). vskip6pt Modifiers:
Any Triple Button5, B5 Mod3, M3
Control Button1, B1 Meta, M Mod4, M4
Shift Button2, B2 Mod1, M1 Mod5, M5
Lock Button3, B3 Mod2, M2 Alt
Double Button4, B4
Activate Enter Motion
ButtonPress, Button Expose Leave
ButtonRelease FocusIn Map
Circulate FocusOut Property
Colormap Gravity Reparent
Configure KeyPress, Key Unmap
Deactivate KeyRelease Visibility
for buttons, a number 1-5
for keys, a keysym (/usr/include/X11/keysymdef)
internal window (applies to just that window)
toplevel window (applies to all its internal windows)
window class name (applies to all widgets in class)
all (applies to all windows)
Event Fields:
Generate Option
Valid Events
-above window \%a Configure
-borderwidth size \%B Configure
-button number \%b ButtonPress, ButtonRelease
-count number \%c Expose
-detail detail \%d Enter, Leave, Focus
-focus boolean \%f Enter, Leave
-height size \%h Configure
-keycode number \%k KeyPress, KeyRelease
-keysym name \%K KeyPress, KeyRelease
-mode notify \%m Enter, Leave, Focus
-override boolean \%o Map, Reparent, Configure
-place where \%p Circulate
-root window \%R +
-rootx coord \%X +
-rooty coord \%Y +
-sendevent boolean \%E all events
-serial number \%# all events
-state state \%s all events
-subwindow window \%S +
-time integer \%t +, Property
-x coord \%x +, \%
-y coord \%y +, \%
+ KeyPress, KeyRelease, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease, Enter, Leave, Motion
\% Expose, Configure, Gravity, Reparent

The source of theses pages is the excellent Tcl/Tk Quick Reference Guide.