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  How can I mix interactions between Xt and Tk/Tcl?
 Tk has a new event loop which provides easier interaction than previous
answers dictated.  The following answer is provided by Paolo Brutti

void XtEventSetup(ClientData xtconn, int flags)
  static Tcl_Time maxDelay={0, 300000}; /* To process non-X events */

  Tcl_WatchFile((Tcl_File)xtconn, TCL_READABLE);

int XtDoEvent(Tcl_Event *evPtr, int flags)
  while (XtPending())
  return 1;

void XtEventCheck(ClientData xtconn, int flags)
  Tcl_Event *event;

  if(XtPending()) {
    event	= (Tcl_Event *)ckalloc(sizeof(Tcl_Event));
    event->proc	= XtDoEvent;
    Tcl_QueueEvent(event, TCL_QUEUE_TAIL);

void tkGo (void)
  extern Widget topLevel;
  Tcl_File xtconn;
  int xtfd = ConnectionNumber(XtDisplay(topLevel));

  xtconn = Tcl_GetFile((ClientData)xtfd, TCL_UNIX_FD);

  Tcl_CreateEventSource(XtEventSetup, XtEventCheck, (ClientData)xtconn);
  while (1) {