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  How can I limit entry widget input (length or type of chars)?
 You want to make use of combination of the `entry` widget`s
`-textvariable` option and the tcl variable `trace` function.  Here is a
limited example:

proc forceInt {name el op} {
    global $name ${name}_int
    if {[string compare {} $el]} {
	set old  ${name}_int($el)
	set name $name($el)
    } else { set old ${name}_int }
    if {![regexp {^[-+]?[0-9]*$} [set $name]]} {
	set $name [set $old]
	bell; return
    set $old [set $name]

pack [label .la -text {Integer 2: {^[-+]?[0-9]*$}}] -anchor w
pack [entry .a -textvariable myVar] -fill x -expand 1
trace variable myVar w forceInt
set myVar {}

You can see a more complex example as a Tk plugin
( at