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  Cut, Copy and Paste in the Tcl Console Window
 The Tcl Console window sets up bindings that are supposed to follow the Windows (and IBM Common User Access, or CUA)
standard of 

       Ctrl-x: cut 
       Ctrl-c: copy 
       Ctrl-v: paste 

In Tcl 8.0, the Ctrl-V does not work for paste. (The Paste menu choice does work, though.) In Tcl 8.1, Ctrl-V works fine. 

For older versions of Tcl/Tk, prior to 8.0, the Tcl Console window (by default) provides the following bindings: 

       Ctrl-x: deletes selected text 
       Ctrl-w: cut 
       Alt-w: copy 
       Ctrl-y: paste 

-Eric Foster-Johnson