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  share procedures between multiple tcl applications?
  Rather than sourcing the files explicitly, build a tcl library:

Step 1.  Put the files in a common directory

Step 2.  Build the tclIndex for the "library".  I use a Makefile with
a convention like:

        (cd ${DESTDIR}/tclscripts/lib; 
        echo `source /usr/local/lib/tcl/init.tcl;
	 auto_mkindex . *.tk` | tcl ; exit 0)

Step 3. Modify your tcl scripts to reference the library:


# local additions
lappend auto_path /usr/local/lib/tcl_local $env(RDS_TCL_SCRIPTS)/lib

Now, as soon as your script tried to reference a procedure in the library,
the "unknown" command autoloads the procedure for you.

Contributed by Joe VanAndel