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  What is incrTcl/incrTk?
 [incr Tcl] ( provides the extra language
support needed to build large Tcl/Tk applications.  It introduces the
notion of objects, which act as building blocks for an application.
Each object is a bag of data with a set of procedures or `methods` that
are used to manipulate it.  Objects are organized into `classes` with
identical characteristics, and classes can inherit functionality from
one another.  This object-oriented paradigm adds another level of
organization on top of the basic variable/procedure elements, and the
resulting code is easier to understand and maintain.

[incr Tk] ( is a framework for building
megawidgets using the [incr Tcl] ( object
system. Megawidgets are high-level widgets like a file browser or a tab
notebook that act like ordinary Tk widgets but are constructed using Tk
widgets as component parts, without having to write C code. In effect, a
megawidget looks and acts exactly like a Tk widget, but is considerably
easier to implement.