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  Using Dynamic data Exchange (DDE)
 See for more on the dde package included in Tcl starting with version 8.1. 

From a posting by Bill Schongar, at, you can control Microsoft Word from the
dde command. First. be sure Word is running, then try a command like the following to insert text into the current document: 

package require dde

dde execute -async Winword System {[Insert "Text from Tcl."]}

To quit Word, or close a document, use the following commands as a guide: 

dde execute Winword System {[FileExit 2]}

dde execute Winword System {[FileClose 2]}

In these examples, 2 = close without saving, 1 = save first, 0 = prompt. 

For documentation on accessing Word, see the "wrdbasic.hlp" file, which you can choose to install when you install Word.