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  Installing Tcl/Tk Applications on Windows
 Steve Cassidy is working on a method for installing Tcl/Tk applications with libraries and everything else. Here`s his message: 

I`ve posted here a couple of times saying that I`m working on an installation method for tcl/tk apps under windows which bundles
the tcl/tk binaries and libraries with my own. Well I`ve just put together an example of this which folks might want to look at and

You can find a self extracting, self installing exe file at: 

This contains the tcl/tk 8.0.3 distribution compiled by myself with Borland v5.0 plus my extensions and some of my own standalone
executables. The self-installer runs a wish script which copies the files into the appropriate place (after prompting), adds a
program group to the start menu (via the dde extension), and puts the appropriate things in the registry (for tcl/tk and Emu). It also
builds an uninstall script which removes everything except the start menu items (I can`t figure out where they are). 

It should be possible to install this package beside an existing tcl8.0 installation, I`ve modified the core to look for a different
registry key (../scriptics/tcl/emu, rather than ../scriptics/tcl/8.0). 

****TAKE CARE!!! I can take no responsibility for your machine, I have been as careful as I know how to be but this code has
only been tested on one NT4 machine so far.****** 

The application is a speech database system, tcl/tk is used as a scripting language and to build gui elements like a labeller which
can display speech signals and spectrograms etc. If you want to actually see how this works you will need some speech data and a
database template file see for details. 

If you do install this, you should be able to run the Emu Labeller and get something other than an error message (without a
database template you can`t do anything). You should also be able to run wish80 and do any tcl stuff you desire. 

I`d be interested in any reports of success, failure or just comments on this methodology. If this turns out to be of general interest I
will document and package up the scripts needed to achieve the installation. 
-Steve Cassidy