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  Getting the source code
 The Tcl releases officially support UNIX, Windows and Macintosh platforms. The source code comes with a win/ directory with
Windows code. You can get the source code release on the Internet via FTP from or under the new name at, in the directory /pub/tcl. 

For Windows users, you`ll likely want the source code compressed in ZIP format, rather than GNU gzip. Pick up the files ending in

The source code was compiled with Microsoft Visual C++. For more on compiling the sources, see See also the document on how to compile extensions for Windows at 

With MS VC++ 5.0, the default installation places the compiler in Program FilesDevStudioVC. Because of the space in the
name Program Files the -I (include file) option in the makefiles may fail because spaces are used to separate command-line

You can use the short (DOS) directory name in place of the Program Files, e.g. -Ic:progra~1devstudiovcinclude in place
of c:Program FilesDevStudioVCinclude. You can also place the commands in the files in quotes, e.g.: 

cc32           = "$(TOOLS32)incl.exe"
link32         = "$(TOOLS32)inlink.exe"
rc32           = "$(IDE32)in
include32      = -I"$(TOOLS32)include"

-Eric Foster-Johnson