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  Windows 3.1
 If you run Windows 3.1, you will need to install the Win32s subsystem. You may have already done that. Check that you have the
Win32s DLL (dynamic-link library) at version 1.30. If not, you can get a self-extracting archive, w32s130.exe, from: 

Extract this file in an empty directory. 

If you use Windows NT or 95, you won`t need the Win32s subsystem. 

       Note: If you`re using an older version of Win32s, you must upgrade to version 1.30. 

       Note: Tcl/Tk support for Windows 3.1 is gone with Tcl 8.0.3. To run under Windows 3.1, you need to use an older
       version of Tcl/Tk, such as 7.6p2 or 8.0p2. You really need to upgrade to a newer version of Windows. 

-Eric Foster-Johnson