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  Wish generates a UAE error (Unhandled Win32s Exception) at startup.
 If you get a UAE error when starting wish on Windows 3.1 (this problem does not appear on Windows NT), here`s what you can

1. Add the following lines to your autoexec.bat file: 

set tcl_library=/tcl/lib/tcl8.0
set tk_library=/tcl/lib/tk8.0

Note that these paths refer to the standard installation of wish, e.g., C:	cl. If you installed in a non-standard location, you`ll need
to modify this. Also note the forward (/), not backward () slashes for directory separators. 

2. You can also type in the values at a shell (i.e., DOS) command line, but wish is a Windows program, so this must be placed into
the environment for Windows. When I typed these commands in at the DOS level, I received an error that I had run out of
environment space. This may also be a problem for you. DOS 5 only allows a small amount of space for environment variables. If
this is the case, you`ll need to remove other environment settings (I pared down my PATH, which came from the manufacturer
with extraneous options). 

3. You must reboot, since the autoexec.bat is only read at start-up. 

-Eric Foster-Johnson