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  Has anyone built Tcl 6 on an RS/6000 AIX 3.1?
 See porting notes - especially the note about strtoul.

One user got Tcl to compile with a few minor source modifications
(for example, duplicate case statements for errno and signal symbols in 

A few other problems arose in the tests.  One is caused by AIX printf
not formatting %#x and %#o correctly when the value to be printed is
zero:  they print "0x0" and "00" instead of "0" and "0" respectively.
This was reported as not a problem in earlier releases.  No fixes have
been posted.

Finally, a problem occurs in open.test.  test 13.6 hangs because "cat"
on the RS6000 is unbuffered.  A workaround is to change the execution
of "cat" in open.test to do a "cat -u".

Dov Grobgeld  provided info on creating Tcl
and Tk shared libraries under AIX 3.1.5:

For Tcl:

cc -o tkshar.o *.o -bE:tclshar.exp -bM:SRE -berok -lX11 -lm
ar r libtclshr tclshar.o

For Tk:

cc -o tkshar.o *.o -bE:tkshar.exp -bM:SRE -berok -Ltcl -lX11 -lm -ltclshr
ar r libtkshr tkshar.o

where tckshar.exp and tkshar.exp had lists of the external functions.

There are also problems with fonts on AIX and the IBM.  A patch is needed
from IBM to fix the X server so that fonts are working