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  create a scrollable window of buttons?
 There are at least two ways to do this.  First, there is a hypertext
widget that one can get from the Tcl User Contributed Code Archive -
(see "tcl-faq/part4") and (see "tcl-faq/part5") for details -
 which provides such a facility.

And here is some sample code from 
"Michael Moore"  which shows a way to 
do this using just Tk.

#! /bin/wish -f
# This demonstrates how to create a scrollable canvas with multiple
# buttons.
# Author : Michael Moore
# Date   : November 17, 1992

# This procedure obtains all the items with the tag "active"
# and prints out their ids.

proc multi_action {} {
    set list [.frame.canvas find withtag "active"]
    puts stdout "Active Item Ids : "
    foreach item $list {
	puts stdout $item

# This simulates the toggling of a command button...
# Note that it only works on a color display as is right now
# but the principle is the same for b&w screens.
proc multi_activate {num id} {
    set tags [.frame.canvas gettags $id]
    if {[lsearch $tags "active"] != -1} {
	.frame.canvas dtag $id "active"
	.frame.canvas.button$num configure 
	    -background "#060" 
	    -activebackground "#080" 
    } else {
	.frame.canvas addtag "active" withtag $id
	.frame.canvas.button$num configure 
	    -background "#600" 
	    -activebackground "#800"

proc setup {} {
     frame .frame

     scrollbar .frame.scroll 
         -command ".frame.canvas yview" 
         -relief raised

     canvas .frame.canvas 
         -yscroll ".frame.scroll set" 
         -scrollregion {0 0 0 650} 
         -relief raised 
	 -confine false 
	 -scrollincrement 25

     pack append .frame 
         .frame.scroll    {left frame center filly} 
         .frame.canvas    {left frame center fillx filly}

     pack append .
         .frame   {left frame center fillx filly}

     button .frame.canvas.action  
         -relief raised 
         -text "Action" 
	 -command "multi_action"
     .frame.canvas create window 1 25 
	 -anchor w 
         -window .frame.canvas.action
     for {set i 2} {$i < 26} {incr i} {
	 button .frame.canvas.button$i  
	    -relief raised 
	    -background "#060" 
	    -foreground wheat 
	    -activebackground "#080" 
	    -activeforeground wheat 
	    -text "Button $i" 
	 set id [.frame.canvas create window 1 [expr $i*25] 
	    -anchor w 
	    -window .frame.canvas.button$i]
	 .frame.canvas.button$i configure 
	    -command "multi_activate $i $id"