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  Accessing the Tcl/Tk User Contributions Archive
 Contributions to the Tcl/Tk Contrib Archive are most welcome --
please upload them to:	[]

send the archive maintainer  a note stating
the names of the files you uploaded and a brief description for the

Harbor is the central file server for the software staff of the
Engineering Computer Network, so please try to refrain from FTPing
stuff between 9am and 5pm EST (GMT -0500).  No mail-archive service is
planned as yet -- users without FTP capability should use one of the
following mail-based FTP services (send mail to the appropriate address
with "help" in the body):

Others:         "DEC ftpmail" 

WARNING!  The archive maintainer will NOT be automatically archiving anything
posted to comp.lang.tcl or previously to the mailing list.  So if you want
your nifty porting instructions for getting Tcl up on your Seiko wrist watch
or your pen computer to be saved for others benefit, be sure to ftp them into
the archive.

All contributions should be placed in harbor`s ~ftp/incoming
subdirectory.  Please send and a short
mail message stating the filename(s) of your contribution and a brief
description (for the Index).  If you`ve posted some code to
comp.lang.tcl or the Tcl mailing list, and you want it to be archived
at this site, please deposit it in ~ftp/incoming or mail it in a
suitable form (preferably uuencoded compressed tar file, but a shar
file`s OK) to

Note: I have noticed that some authors prefer to use plain names rather than
version level type names.  This means that you should a) make note of when
you get a package, and b) check the archive occasionally to see if a newer
version of the package has appeared.