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  EMACS modes for Tcl
 "Sean Levy"  has hacked a version of Emacs`s C mode into
a tcl-mode.el.  He mentions that you must use semi-colons at the end
of each statement to get indentation to work right, but he found that
easier than doing without.

The code is on []
(don`t forget binary mode) as well as .

"Julian Anderson"  was also working on an Emacs Tcl
minor mode to fundamental.

"Chris Lindblad"  has contributed tcl.el, a Tcl mode for
GNU emacs.  It`s address is . (Tom Tromey) has contributed tcl-help.el, an
Extended Tcl help mode for GNU emacs.  It`s address is .
It is also located at
It is also on in the pub/tcl archives somewhere.

schmid@fb3-s7.math.TU-Berlin.DE (Gregor Schmid) has written a major mode
for tcl scripts.  He posted tcl-mode 1.1 to gnu.emacs.sources in March and
it should appear on