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  The tk toolbox project
 The Tk Toolbox & Toolchest project.

The Toolchest consists of convenience routines for Tcl and Tk - a kind of a
libc for Tcl.  The toolbox is a collection of commonly used code and
some specialized code such as file selectors, dialogs that take care of
keyboard traversal through items automatically, etc.

The project has currently not yet reached a usable state, but each formal
release will be announced in comp.lang.tcl as well as other newsgroups.

There has been, in the past, a mailing list for discussion of the tk toolbox,
kindly provided by Ari Lemmke.  To subscribe, write a message with the line:
X-Mn-Admin: join tktools

in the body or header of the message.  Send this message to .

To write to the list, send messages to to
and add the line
to the header or the body of the message. Especially remember this when
replying to messages from the list.

For more info about the list server (mailnet), write
an empty message to .

The intermediate snapshots are announced on this mailing list.

If you have problems or are willing to donate code or whatever,
you can contact the code maintainer (one of the three main implementors)
at or .

Unfortunately, the development effort has currently come to a stop on this
project and it is not yet known when it will be started again.