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  How do I add BLT to a Tcl(X)/Tk?
 From (George A. Howlett) we get the answer:

Instead of adding TclX to blt_wish, try it the other way.  Add BLT to
wishx.  It`s pretty simple.

In the file ".//tkXAppInit.c", add the a call to the BLT
initialization routine right after line 116.

    if (TkX_Init(interp) == TCL_ERROR) {
        return TCL_ERROR;
    if (Blt_Init(interp) != TCL_OK)) {
        return TCL_ERROR;

Link wishx with libBLT.a and that`s it.

*Note:* It is better to use the new dynamic loading capabilities of
Tcl7.5+.  BLT2.1+ and TclX7.5.2+ have the ability to be dynamically
loaded modules.  See their docs on building them as shared libraries and
then see the Tcl man page `load` for loading it into the system at