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                   audio 7
                   OO Extension 9
                   TCL/IP 4
                   X Window 3
                   database 19
                         Orable 7
                         Mysql 2
                         PostGres 3
                   java 3
             widget 113
                   [incr TCL] 11
                   canvas 9
                   Comboxbox 4
                   Text 30
                   Entry 9
                   Scale 1
                   Table 5
                   [incr Tk] 16
                   BLT 2
                         C++ 37
                   Editor 80
                   Email 19
                   Java 26
                   Game 17
                   Clock 7
                   Rolodex 3
                   Internet 26
                         Irc 11
                         Usenet 3
                         CGI 15
                         Server 36
                   PerlTk 1
                   Xml 6
                   prolog 4
                   Gui Builder 3
                   Spreadsheet 5
                   Mutlimedia 8
             TclEt (plugin) 51
             OpenGl 8
             Miscalenus 688
             Port 50

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  Java Media Framework interface (DeJong)
A Tcl API to the Java Medial Framework.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Mo DeJong)
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  Java Native Interface to Tcl
A JNI/C++ interface which includes a Tcl interpreter. Could be to implement communications between Java and Tk.

Download :
From the contact
Contact :
<URL:> (Jean-Claude Wippler)
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Tcl 8 based object oriented extension. Tea follows the Java l, trying to implement the look of Java from a class definition pective, yet remain syntactically consistent with Tcl. Written cl 8 source code. Classes can be put into a zip archive.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (John Stump)
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