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                   audio 7
                   OO Extension 9
                   TCL/IP 4
                   X Window 3
                   database 19
                         Orable 7
                         Mysql 2
                         PostGres 3
                   java 3
             widget 113
                   [incr TCL] 11
                   canvas 9
                   Comboxbox 4
                   Text 30
                   Entry 9
                   Scale 1
                   Table 5
                   [incr Tk] 16
                   BLT 2
                         C++ 37
                   Editor 80
                   Email 19
                   Java 26
                   Game 17
                   Clock 7
                   Rolodex 3
                   Internet 26
                         Irc 11
                         Usenet 3
                         CGI 15
                         Server 36
                   PerlTk 1
                   Xml 6
                   prolog 4
                   Gui Builder 3
                   Spreadsheet 5
                   Mutlimedia 8
             TclEt (plugin) 51
             OpenGl 8
             Miscalenus 688
             Port 50

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Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Malte Sussdorff)
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slackjaw is an interface for talking to Firstclass bulletin board ems, which include forums, file transfer, messaging, and chat. kjaw has been tested with version 5.5 of the FirstClass server. ires FreeBSD/Linux, web server, access to a mySQL database, 5.004 or higher. ent version is 3.1

Download :

Contact :
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I have been working on an alternative to tcl-sql for awhile now. I have decided to call it MyTCL. It`s basically an upgrade for users of tcl-sql, and as such, presents no compatibility problems.

Download :
Home Page
Contact :

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The "fbsql" extension has been updated with a Makefile and simple instructions for building on all Unix platforms, this has been tested on HP-UX and Linux. Support for UNICODE characters has been made available, this is not compiled-in by default but can be set by changing an option in the source file. It was made optional due to performance considerations.

Download :
Contact :
Peter Campbell
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