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                   audio 7
                   OO Extension 9
                   TCL/IP 4
                   X Window 3
                   database 19
                         Orable 7
                         Mysql 2
                         PostGres 3
                   java 3
             widget 113
                   [incr TCL] 11
                   canvas 9
                   Comboxbox 4
                   Text 30
                   Entry 9
                   Scale 1
                   Table 5
                   [incr Tk] 16
                   BLT 2
                         C++ 37
                   Editor 80
                   Email 19
                   Java 26
                   Game 17
                   Clock 7
                   Rolodex 3
                   Internet 26
                         Irc 11
                         Usenet 3
                         CGI 15
                         Server 36
                   PerlTk 1
                   Xml 6
                   prolog 4
                   Gui Builder 3
                   Spreadsheet 5
                   Mutlimedia 8
             TclEt (plugin) 51
             OpenGl 8
             Miscalenus 688
             Port 50

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  Ak extension
Audio toolkit extension for dealing with the AudioFile ronment. Add a prototype for strtod() in ak.h ou see an error about this.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Andrew Payne)
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  CMT (Berkeley Continuous Media Toolkit)
Tcl toolkit to support simultaneous continuous media back in a portable fashion, supporting a ety of media devices. The toolkit also comes with cmplayer h can be used to play MPEG-1, MJPEG, SPARC audio, and movie scripts.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> <URL: mailto:cmt-users-request@bmrc.berkeley.e
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A Tcl extension for audio/video/image processing. Provides nvienent environment for editing multimedia data and for otyping new algorithms. Supports MPEG-I, Motion-JPEG, directories mages, PBM, PGM, PPM, .wav, .aiff, and .au audio formats, as well IF and BMP images. nt versions of RIVL compile into Dali, a virtual machine.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Brian Smith)
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The Snack sound extension adds commands to play and record audio. k supports in-memory sound objects, file based audio, and aming audio, with background audio processing. It handles formats such as AIFF, AU, MP3, NIST/Sphere, and WAV. k is extensible; new commands and sound file formats can dded using the Snack C-library. k also does sound visualization, e.g. waveforms spectrograms. The visualization canvas item types update eal time and can output postscript. s with Tcl 8.0.3 and later, as well as is stubs enabled. s with the Tcl plug-in. forms: HP-UX, Irix, Linux, Solaris, Windows 95/98/NT.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Kare Sjolander)
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Play audio and video on Unix, Macintosh and Windows machines.

Download :

Contact :
<URL: mailto:dejong at> (Remove the spaces and change at)
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Dynamically loaded extension for Windows 95/NT and Tk 8.x, providing asynchronous audio playback using DirectX. udes the Microsoft C++ runtime DLL that is required.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Nat Pryce)
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Simple interface for recording and playing back sounds g standard Windows audio driver. Source is compilable with alC++ 5.0.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Neil Johnson)
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WaveSurfer is a tool for recording, playing, editing, viewing, printing, and labelling audio data. WaveSurfer is suited for a wide range of tasks in speech research and education. This release also focuses on developers wishing to use WaveSurfer in custom applications, example plug-ins and applications are provided in the source release. WaveSurfer is a Tcl application built using the Snack Sound Toolkit. The binary releases have been created using the freeWrap 4.4 tool. Highlights: * Multi-platform - Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2K, Macintosh, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, FreeBSD, and SGI IRIX * Flexible interface - quick and easy navigation in multiple sounds * Common sound file formats - WAV, AU, AIFF, MP3, CSL, SD, and NIST/Sphere * Transcription plugin supports encodings and Unicode * Reads and writes several transcription file formats, HTK (and MLF), TIMIT, ESPS/Waves+, and Phondat * Unlimited file size - playback and recording directly from/to disk * Sound analysis - e.g. spectrogram and pitch analysis * Customizable - users can create their own configurations * Extensible - new functionality can be added through a plugin architecture * Embeddable - WaveSurfer can be used as a widget in custom applications * Scriptable - hosts a built-in script interpreter * Localization support

Download :

Contact :
Kare Sjolander
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snackAmp is a multi-platform Tcl/Tk mp3 player using the Snack Sound tookit written by Kåre Sjölander. SnackAmp provides the normal mp3 player abilities with a multi-user support and a powerful auto-play list feature.

Download :
Contact :

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  Tcl CD Audio package for UNIX
After many days work, I am pleased to announce my first proper extension, a Tcl interface to the libcdaudio library (available from on UNIX systems. This extension provides a wrapper around some of the functions of that library, such as playing, stopping, pausing an audio CD, and ejecting/closing the CD tray. This is just a first taster version, with the minimal features implemented. The code is likely to change quite a bit in future releases (adding CDDB support etc), and not much testing has been done. However, I thought some people might like to mess around with this, particularly if you have applications on UNIX/Linux that use Snack, and would like the ability to play audio CDs. I would really appreciate any feedback people could give, as this is my first extension, and my first real programming with Tcl`s C interface.

Download :

Contact :
Neil Madden
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