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                   audio 7
                   OO Extension 9
                   TCL/IP 4
                   X Window 3
                   database 19
                         Orable 7
                         Mysql 2
                         PostGres 3
                   java 3
             widget 113
                   [incr TCL] 11
                   canvas 9
                   Comboxbox 4
                   Text 30
                   Entry 9
                   Scale 1
                   Table 5
                   [incr Tk] 16
                   BLT 2
                         C++ 37
                   Editor 80
                   Email 19
                   Java 26
                   Game 17
                   Clock 7
                   Rolodex 3
                   Internet 26
                         Irc 11
                         Usenet 3
                         CGI 15
                         Server 36
                   PerlTk 1
                   Xml 6
                   prolog 4
                   Gui Builder 3
                   Spreadsheet 5
                   Mutlimedia 8
             TclEt (plugin) 51
             OpenGl 8
             Miscalenus 688
             Port 50

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  canvas photo output patch
New canvas widget command called photo, which creates a orary pixmap, calls the the canvas s item drawing procedures lusive images), retrieves the resulting image via XGetImage then uses Tk_PhotoPutBlock to copy the resulting picture a photo image.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Niels Gollesch)
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  canvas support of icons, edges and graphs
An extension to the canvas widget that adds native support icons, edges and graphs. Version 4.0b is available from WWW page.

Download :
<URL: >

Contact :
<URL:> (Sven Delmas)
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  canvas visitor
Extension to Tk canvas widget to allow one to add dynamically loadable canvas commands on graphics items out making further changes to the Tk core code.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Matthew Rice)
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  gnuplot canvas commands
A patch to allow gnuplot to generate Tk canvas widget commands.

Download :

Contact :
<URL: mailto:Jeff@EE.RyeHam.EE.Ryerson.Ca> (D. Jeff Dionne)
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  ISR3 extension
An extension of wishx (Extended Tcl/Extended Tk) that has s to handle ISR3.2 tokens, specifically read and write them to draw them on Tk Canvas widgets. It can be used to d a GUI frontend to ISR3.2 and can be used to fork ISR3.2 s and to display ISR3.2 tokens. orted versions of tcl/tk are 7.6/4.2 under S 4.1.4, MIPS/Ultrix 4.4, Iris 5.3/6.2, and DU 4.0D. 2 under Linux. The software is not available for downloading, is available on request for image understanding research oses. To get a copy please contact ACSIOM.

Download :

Contact :
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Tcl Win32 extension to enable printing of canvas widgets.

Download :
From the contact
Contact :
<URL:> (Ron Shapiro)
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Tk 4.2 canvas widget which supports graph structures. Both and edge items can be defined. The items can be added or ved from a graph, as well as moved. 4 layout rithms are supported (ISI, tree, random, and matrix).

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (Stefan Schreyjak)
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Additional smoothing method for the canvas widget. s into Jan Nijtman s dash patch hooks.

Download :

Contact :
<URL:> (John Ellson)
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a Tk spreadsheet canvas widget, written in C++, which manipulates and columns faster than the standard Tk canvas widget. udes C++ widget library useful when writing your own Tk widgets ++. Uses STL for its object collections.

Download :

Contact :
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