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                   audio 7
                   OO Extension 9
                   TCL/IP 4
                   X Window 3
                   database 19
                         Orable 7
                         Mysql 2
                         PostGres 3
                   java 3
             widget 113
                   [incr TCL] 11
                   canvas 9
                   Comboxbox 4
                   Text 30
                   Entry 9
                   Scale 1
                   Table 5
                   [incr Tk] 16
                   BLT 2
                         C++ 37
                   Editor 80
                   Email 19
                   Java 26
                   Game 17
                   Clock 7
                   Rolodex 3
                   Internet 26
                         Irc 11
                         Usenet 3
                         CGI 15
                         Server 36
                   PerlTk 1
                   Xml 6
                   prolog 4
                   Gui Builder 3
                   Spreadsheet 5
                   Mutlimedia 8
             TclEt (plugin) 51
             OpenGl 8
             Miscalenus 688
             Port 50

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August is a free html editor for the UNIX platform. It`s a non-wysiwyg editor - like Aswedit or Hotdog. It`s writte with the Tcl/TK scripting language and graphical toolkit. It`s distributed as a single tcl script, which means that if you know Tcl/Tk you can very easily customize August yourself. It is currently in Beta, but these have been reasonably stable and bug free so far. I`m not a professional programmer, in fact August is my first programming project, and if you take a look at the code I think that will show...

Download :
Home Page
Contact :
Johan Bengtsson

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ASED is an easy to use Tcl/Tk Editor written in pure Tcl/Tk using BWidget Toolkit. It comes with the following features: multifile editor syntaxhighlighting undo/redo indent/unindent autoindent find/replace test mode you can run your code with different wishs fast sourcecode navigation through Code Tree Browser supporting namespaces as well as itcl some code templates simple console included graphical "grep" popup menus (clicking right mouse button) and some more ;-)

Download :
French page with Rpms
Contact :
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Tease is a text editor written in tcl/tk for use on win32 systems and unix. It is designed for developers and support types who want to have a common setup across O/S`s, and who want certain features in that setup.

Download :
Contact :

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